We all dream of having a house/apartment of our own at some point in our lives. But, owning a property in this industrialized economy is quite a feat itself. So, what option do we have then? Getting the house/apartment of our need on a rental basis.

Rental properties and what to look: A complete guide


Remember, no good will ever come from a palace built within a swamp. That’s why getting an ideal location is important because you’re willing to use this place as a ‘home’ for your family.

Things like schools, hospitals, markets, playgrounds, and road infrastructure, etc. must be the top priority whenever inspecting the location of the property.


Of all the various factors that must be kept in mind, infrastructure is the most vital one because how can you feel safe within the house without a durable infrastructure that can withstand tons of external blows, right?

Usually, the infrastructure is badly damaged because of mold strains and pests often found around the damp areas which can even cause allergic reactions. Make sure the contractor hires a proper team of experts to resolve this issue if needed.


Seeing is believing and what better than if the property has a proper certification of excellence issued by a reputable private or government authority?

Whenever visiting a property, always ask for the EPC (Energy performance certificate) along with gas, electricity certificates just to make sure that everything is in order and it’s a green signal to make an investment of a lifetime for most of us.

If the contractor doesn’t have the copy at the moment, ask him to send it later because getting a house/apartment without prior certifications can prove to be a grave unknown danger. Trust me, no one wants that regardless of how good a deal he or she is getting.


Well, nothing feels better than your lifelong dream turning into a reality. But, make sure to take all the precautions before to ensure that your dream remains as beautiful as ever.